Aeromedical & Air Ambulance

Medical Equipment: Australian Corporate Jet Centres has three aircraft capable of undertaking non-stop aerial medical services (Citation Sovereign/Ultra and the Beechcraft King Air 200) between major Capital Cities, Regional Centres and even unprepared stirps. Australian Corporate Jet Centres aircraft are fitted with Med-Pac custom built stretcher units which are a light-weight, quick-change medical platform. The Med-Pac is a full life support system adaptable to each aircraft, the units are compact allowing medical staff to concentrate solely on patient care. Med-Pac has been specializing in medical manufacturing for more than 16 years and employ knowledgeable staff with more than 37 years of experience.  

Medical Staff: Australian Corporate Jet Centres utilises highly skilled and experienced aeromedical crews with over 25 years of experience in Air Ambulance operations. Medical crews are selected based on the specific needs of each case and provide specialist care and service to meet the requirements required to achieve the best possible outcome.  

Organ retrieval deployment times: Crew/Aircraft usually able to deploy 1hr from initial request (AUS/NZ) Medical retrieval (stretcher): Aircraft quick change / medical crew able to deploy within 1.5-2.0hrs.   We also have the helicopter capability to fly the organ from the airport to the hospital.  

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